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Alicia has five years of experience helping children and adults find the joy of making music with their voices or piano. During lessons, students will have the opportunity to explore many different avenues of music making. Alicia also specializes in using improvisation as a learning tool in both voice and piano lessons. Through guided improvisational activities and games, piano students are able to explore new concepts and familiar ideas in a way that is engaging, fun, and full of possibilities.

​Alicia Phelps teaches piano and voice lessons at the Hasbrouck Piano Studio in Cumberland, Maine and the Portsmouth Music and Arts Center in Portsmouth, NH. Prospective parents and students can find information about taking lessons at and

Topics covered in lessons can include vocal skills, piano/keyboard skills, chord reading and harmony, music theory, improvisation, and effective practice strategies.



"Alicia Phelps has an amazing knowledge of music, particularly jazz piano, vocals, songwriting, improvisation, and music theory. It’s an inspiration to play with her together on improvising exercises because she can make anything you do sound great! She has a fabulous rapport with students, young and old. (My daughters and I all take lessons!) Most importantly, she makes music fun even while she is stretching your mind, fingers, and heart to discover new territories and capabilities." – Lindsay Sterling, Freeport ME 

"We love Alicia's enthusiasm and positive approach to teaching piano. She engages and adapts to each students age and interests. Her use of duets allows the student to hear more complex piece and envision playing [the pieces] themselves." - Ursula and Warren Wilmot, Freeport ME

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